The Gulamerian Fund is a major contributor to the SOAR Mobile Eye Care Project and the SOAR Dental Fund.


Food distributions to Our Lady of Armenia, Tashir. Funded by the Harold and Josephine Gulamerian Fund and the Hilton Grant.

Very Dear Mr. George!
Divine providence reaches the 35 families of "TASHIR EDUCATION CENTER".
Thank you again, Mr. George, for your unconditional dedication to the long-suffering, needy, orphaned and young people of the Motherland, thirsty for love and care.
This is a miracle that is happening, for this catastrophic year with CORONA and a painful war that is happening in the Motherland and all over the world.
We follow up day by day by e-mail on how completely devoted you are to this generation of the Armenian Nation.



OLA Tashir Food Distributions
Food distributions to OLA Tashir
May the New 2021 Year will be filled with blessings of God - bright, peaceful, understanding - the year of love.
Once again, our deep gratitude!
We pray to God to keep you healthy and successful so that you can continue this God-pleasing and cherished work...
Merry Christmas,

Sister Haguinte Mouradian

The new all inclusive playground at Zadik Orphanage in use!


Begininnings of an extension to the wood shop at Kharberd Orphanage

Extension to wood shop at Kharberd Orphanage
All inclusive playground for Zadik Orphanage

An all inclusive playground for Zadik Orphanage, funded by SOAR Los AngelesThe Gulamerian Fund, and the Albert Tamberchi Foundation


Bookshelves and show closets for OLA Kanaker

New bookshelves and shoe closets for Our Lady of Armenia, Kanaker.

Bathroom renovations at Our Lady of Armenia-Tashir funded by the Gulamerian Fund and the Hilton Fund

OLA Tashir Bathroom Renovations
Graduation for Vanadzor girls

Since September 2019 the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) Foundation has been sponsoring Vanadzor Orphanage girls Nune Papyan, Sabina Manvelyan, Kristina Matosyan, Meline Simonyan and Inna Aghabekyan for getting private tutoring classes in Russian language and Literature and Armenian language to be able to pass the exams required for entering Vanadzor State University. The private classes were completed on June 30, 2020 and the girls took their University exams.


The tutoring classes were possible to be organized due to the generous donation of SOAR supporters who paid 1 626 020 AMD for the whole course of the private classes attended by the girls.

As a result Nune Papyan and Inna Aghabekyan entered the Department of  Social Pedagogy of Vanadzor State University Pedagogical Faculty and Sabina Manvelyan, Kristina Matosyan and Meline Simonyan are planning to enter the Department of Russian language and literature  of the Philology Faculty of the same University on distance learning basis.

With the support of SOAR Foundation Siranush Abelyan from Vanadzor Orphanage took private classes of English language in 2019 and now she is a second year student of the Department of Foreign languages at Vanadzor State University.



Diapers for Kharberd and Dzorak

Diapers for Kharberd Orphanage and Dzorak Daycare

Food distributions for OLA and Orran families

OLA food distributions
Food distribution for Orran families


New bikes for girls at the SOAR Transitional Center
New bikes for girls at the SOAR Transitional Center

New bicycles for SOAR Transitional Center girls, funded by SOAR Zurich and the Gulamerian Fund


A container with essentials including diapers for SOAR supported facilities

Container with essentials for SOAR supported facilities


Ani's birthday celebration!

Celebrating Ani's birthday at the SOAR Transitional Center!

The girls take time to work in their garden, and take virtual classes during the Covid19 shelter in place at the SOAR Transitional Center.


The Gulamerian Fund is the major contributor to the SOAR Transitional Center.

The girls there believe the environment is the driving force for creating beauty! Along with the spring in the SOAR Transitional center, they have started gardening activities: cleaning the dried leaves, cutting branches! Keeping their home clean and tidy, they are creating a pleasant area full of interesting and useful ideas...

SOAR Transitional Center Garden
Wood shop at Kharberd Orphanage
Continued work on the wood shop

Construction for a wood shop at Kharberd funded by the Gulamerian Fund that began in March


Six months of carpet weaving classes for the girls at Naghasyan Children’s Support Center (formerly Mer Hooys) funded by the Gulamerian Fund

Six months of carpet weaving classes for the girls at Naghasyan Children’s Support Center (formerly Mer Hooys) funded by the Gulamerian Fund


Furniture for Gavar

30 chairs and 16 pieces of soft furniture for the rooms at Gavar, funded by the Gulamerian Fund